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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ground Zero for two new courses

This is "ground zero" (which for now is going to look nearly identical to the "ground zero" image below) for me to develop courses on my personal laptop which has 2.1 installed.  This is where I can safely dig in my sandbox without anybody seeing what I end up with, and I can feel free to express my own perception of what a course could look like.  Having this laptop with my very own private Moodle where I can build as many courses as I want in any way I want is very comforting and lets me relax into a state of creativity where the outcomes will be much richer.  Yay!

This is "ground zero" for me to develop courses on my paid hosted site with a Moodle Partner, which has 2.1 installed (I think; I don't actually know how to find out within my site).  This site will provide the learning platform for saorisantacruz courses for students.  Students will come here to take tutorials that I will build to provide enhanced learning experiences for face-to-face classes taught at the Saori Santa Cruz studio.  Pricing structure to the students still has to be worked out, and I am working with the studio head teacher (and owner) to get the starting syllabus together.  Probably be a pretty classic Moodle course to begin, until we have time to create video snippets and other stuff to make the course cool.  Looking forward very much to putting a live course on the web.  Onward!

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  1. Click on notifications in the admin will see your version there. ;)