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Monday, August 29, 2011

The mystery of the 2nd Pencil-Hand: Theme = "Standard Theme"

Per request, here is a screen shot of the Themes > Theme Selector output screen:

The other Pencil-Hand ... what will happen?

This morning I wanted to find out what would happen when I click on the pencil-hand in the block top bar, which I was too timid to try last night.  Here is where I started:

Here is the pencil-hand I clicked this morning:

... and KA-BOOM!  Near-instant and radical change to the screen display, now showing what is below:

I will go to Moodle Docs to figure out all the things I can do from here.  What a difference a click makes!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Which pencil-hand do I click?

With editing turned off inside my new course, I wanted to practice entering description text, so I turned editing on.  Because two pencil-hands showed up in the block I wanted to edit, I was concerned that I would click on the wrong one and blow the block away or something.  With trepidation, I studied the scene shown directly below:
Although I was not sure, after staring at the scene, and doing mouse-overs a couple times, I guessed, and got it right, enabling me to enter the text shown in green.  Here is the pencil-hand I chose:
Yay! Win! *:-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


A fellow Moodler, and a Moodler who is also an instructor for a Moodle Partner (and a very pleasant Teacher, I've taken a course with her), gave me the answer to the question I implied in a recent post, indicating that I did not know how to find the version of Moodle that a particular instance was running.  The answer is:
Within Site Administration, click on Notifications, and the screen will display the information we seek.  The first image below is where to go to find the info; images two and three below represent the two different versions (well, actually just different Builds), that my two Moodle instances offer to me:

Thank you for the help, Ms. Moodler *:-)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ground Zero for two new courses

This is "ground zero" (which for now is going to look nearly identical to the "ground zero" image below) for me to develop courses on my personal laptop which has 2.1 installed.  This is where I can safely dig in my sandbox without anybody seeing what I end up with, and I can feel free to express my own perception of what a course could look like.  Having this laptop with my very own private Moodle where I can build as many courses as I want in any way I want is very comforting and lets me relax into a state of creativity where the outcomes will be much richer.  Yay!

This is "ground zero" for me to develop courses on my paid hosted site with a Moodle Partner, which has 2.1 installed (I think; I don't actually know how to find out within my site).  This site will provide the learning platform for saorisantacruz courses for students.  Students will come here to take tutorials that I will build to provide enhanced learning experiences for face-to-face classes taught at the Saori Santa Cruz studio.  Pricing structure to the students still has to be worked out, and I am working with the studio head teacher (and owner) to get the starting syllabus together.  Probably be a pretty classic Moodle course to begin, until we have time to create video snippets and other stuff to make the course cool.  Looking forward very much to putting a live course on the web.  Onward!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moodle's got new stuff under the hood, and so do I *:-)

It is stimulating on this learning journey through the Moodle 2.x landscape because my teaching practice, in forced dormancy for many years, is also "still new and under construction".  
I expect to encounter forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, villages, hikers, bikers, and rollerbladers, and am hopeful that flora and fauna alike can be woven into a really cool output of courses that will help my Traditionalist, Baby-Boomer, Generation X, and Millennial students take away enough of what they came to me for in the first place to make 'em want to come back for more.

The screen shot above is from the Moodle site:

This is me, starting my life journey @ ~ 2 ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moodle Administrator: That's Me! *:-)

I am happy about this *:-)  Moodle 2.0 (I actually am using 2.1) was a little scary for me to get into, because I heard that it was very different, and I haven't been that active for a couple years.  I got through the course ok, and have my laptop loaded with 2.1, and have a client to begin building for.  I will also begin the MCCC process in a couple weeks, so if you feel like it, send me good vibes for success please *:-)