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Sunday, May 20, 2012

iMoot 2012: The "Mini Cooper Moot" LOL

What fun!  Not only has the programme finally been published, but all keynoters have been outed on the site with pictures and everything *:-)

Down below you can see the sessions I plan to attend, but right now I recommend that you take a quick detour (no GPS required) to take a look at one Moodler's collection of vehicles ... he would be fun to ride around with *:-)  Go here to see:

Ok then, look for me in the following sessions, and please say hello:

  • Keynote 1: Michelle Moore (a person I believe comes close to Guy Kawasaki level in her ability to enthuse & promote Moodle)
  • Google Analytics and Moodler with Bas Brands (Presos by folks from the Nederlands are almost always good)
  • Integrating Mahara and Moodle 2 for the ultimate LMS (maybe I can finally figure out how to use Mahara)
  • Google Apps - Moodle Integration Possibilities (I just added apps to my personal site, so this is great!)
  • Lecture Broadcast and Capture using BigBlueButton (maybe I can finally use this tool)
  • Using Moodle in Business (this is the guy with the cars *:-] )
  • Mahara: ePortfolio for Moodle users, with Kristina Hoeppner from New Zealand, which is where my wife and I would live if we weren't in California.
  • Mahara ePortfolio in Practice, with Sigi Jakob-Kuhn, who imho is a very serious contributor to the Moodle world, and her posts on Twitter send me to Google Translate frequently *:-)
  • Sponsor - The FreeMoodle.or project, with the guy with the cars, and a New Zealander *:-)
  • Keynote 5 with Das Moodler himself, always genuine and forthcoming about his creation.
  • My Moodle Course: An Experiment in Social Constructionism, with Michelle Moore, and a topic that causes much debate among the educators I come in contact with here in California.  Not everybody likes Social Contructionism.
  • Then of course there is the mysterious "Session B-31"; how could I not attend such an "MI6" sort of session, eh?
  • iMoot wrapup, always fun and relaxing, why not?

See you there.

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