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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Thousand Seventy One carefully crafted words gone in 60 microseconds

Perhaps fatigue, rushing to judgement, procrastination, or an equally familiar foible resulted in the loss of an important 1,071-word Moodle forum post intended to fulfill one of the assignments in the MCCC course I am currently attempting to pass.  Note to self: even if the second instance of a particular Moodle course that I have on display is simultaneously viewed in a different browser than that of the primary content-entry browser, if I close the secondary browser before completing and uploading the post, the post will be lost.  Unfortunately, the primary browser appears to remain active and fruitful, allowing continued entry, but when the attempt is made to post the content to the forum, the screen and message below are delivered without recourse and leave me feeling yucky and depressed:

No worries ... I regained my strength to continue, and got the post uploaded and turned in on time *:-)  Yay!

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